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 ( NOTE: this is a goole traslation version of the original post )


You may be asking that guesses a group of pigs died under the rubble of the earthquake and a form Jooma!, Well the fact is that, in addition to making good the idea that the earthquake hits everyone, I wanted to make some money by selling to A Fistful of Euros this module for joomla! that allows you to navigate through a series of dynamically loaded select from the categories of joomla! listing the items contained in the last series of the select statement that sends the selection Article selected, the module also supports sef url.
I said, my intention to make us a few dollars to put in the cellar a little 'good Lambro has turned to the initiative pro countrymen; live in Modena, luckily far enough away from the epicenter of the earthquake these days so I only heard the world andeggiare without this I recasse any direct damage, but here, I guarantee you, that did not go very well to many others who now need more support than ever, the situation is greatly encouraged by the fact that the state helps banks but not us ( ed but it was not us? inculando there are bad), but if we want sgretolarci cohesive will be the opposite! (Short-OT).
Returning to the theme of the post, I decided to leave the form can be downloaded without being required to pay anything BUT my desire would be to download it after donation to earthquake victims of 'Emilia, what you can do that by following the directions found on this page do not I have no way of verifying if the donation is made or not so I have to entrust the moral correctness of all of you, I'm not even to wish that any donations made will not be ten-fold in medicine because I strongly believe in a personal vision of karma and there He will think to even the score, I'm not even here to tell you the tomella (aka the speech boring for outsiders slang) to convince you to donate something that without this form or you will miss the opportunity of amazing adventures on your new sites built with Joomla!, if you are silent in thought for a while and listen to hear what is right.
Would be a nice gesture to donate the most grim part of your mind can mediate the feeling of "throwing money", maybe you throw (for real) in trivial things, the fact that at least has received in return a form to use if necessary not today, tomorrow in a new project.
As soon as I have time I put a demo online (or if you do it you who read and then send me the link) I do not do that here because this site uses flatnuke and I write a guide to the parameters of the module, of which I posted the screen below, however, that I think are quite intuitive and after a test has already been able to set it as you need.
For convenience let well below the details for the transfer:
filiale: Unicredit di piazza Grande a Modena
intestazione: "Provincia di Modena Interventi di solidarietà"
codice IBAN: IT 52 M 02008 12930 000003398693
indicando la causale: "terremoto maggio 2012"
The reference page in the province of Modena is this:,
If you are around or you have the chance to help the modes are different and you can find them listed on this page:
Once the donation will ask if you can send to ( ) the reference to the amount of your donation receipt and possibly even cnacellando your sensitive data before, so we can take into account the impact of 'initiative and might encourage those who are undecided. If you do not feel I ask you to send me a confirmation of the donation with the same amount without specifying anything else so only by increasing the counters, I guarantee that your email address will not be divulged in any way.
I think I said everything, you can download the module from the category Joomla! section of the site or download directly by clicking on the link at end of article.
Some frames of aerial shots of a small part of the area where the land is opened up like a watermelon (which makes me feel)
If you want to see the video of aerial photography can be found here:
Quick Navigation module screenshot
Screenshot backend modulo ( labels are also in English )

Screenshot frontend module
(Placed vertically)
(Positioned horizontally)
Ah! I forgot, the module is located in both Italian and English but the English language files are translated only for what concerns the labels, descriptions are yet to be translated so if someone wants to do it and can inviarmele, as well as the translation of this post and guide the future as well (maybe, who knows) it helps even a few non-Italian.
Thanks to all.